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Genetic Diversity: Analysis ▸ GDA21

Hate&Love (phdcomics)

  • Course Catalogue Number: 701-1425-00L
  • Credit Points: 2 ECTS
  • Date: 21.06.21 - 02.07.21
  • Organizer: Genetic Diversity Centre (GDC), ETH Zurich
  • Location: Online

⬇︎ Introduction
⬇︎ Warm UP (1) Terminal & R
⬇︎ Warm UP (2) RepRes, MD, RegEx

The course Genetic Diversity: Analysis is organized by the Genetic Diversity Centre (GDC). The GDC is a knowledge and technology platform of the D-USYS Department at ETH Zurich offering two annual courses: A molecular laboratory technical course (Genetic diversity: Techniques) and a sequencing data analysis course (Genetic Diversity: Analysis).

Over 10 years, the GDC has supported researchers to plan their experiments, and helped to obtain and analyze the data. With this course we try to transfer our accumulated knowledge to young scientists.


The course Genetic Diversity: Analysis (GDA) will be online. In previous years it was a one-week intensive course. Last year, for the first time, it was online, and we stretched it over three weeks. While one week was too short for many inexperience students, three weeks were too long for most. We go with the golden middle and try two weeks. For you, it is the same amount of work, but more time for you to learn. The focus of the course will also not change. Before you work with genomic data, understand some fundamental techniques. This course will help you get started with the essentials of biocomputing.

Course Objectives

The course will provide training for students in genomic data handling and analysis. The focus is on high-throughput sequencing data. There is a strong emphasis on reproducibility and report writing. Challenges will help you better understand the theory. It is more than just a copy-paste course if you are ready to take part in the discussions.

Course Format

The course extends over two weeks so that the participants have enough time to digest and apply what they have learned at their own pace. It is our goal that the course participants understand the applications and have time to question them.

Credit Points

A successful participation will give you 2 ECTS. It requires a data analysis project with a detailed report.


This course website is still under construction and subject to changes. We are also working on the schedule. Please stayed tuned for more.


  • Jean-Claude Walser (jean-claude.walser[🙈]
  • Niklaus Zemp (niklaus.zemp[🙉]